What is Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a digital payment maintained by a network of computers that uses cryptography to authenticate transactions. Depending on how investors expect to make money and how they are structured, some cryptocurrencies may count as securities. If traders of these currencies prop up the price and go online to spread gossips, that might count as fraud. It can be hard to determine if a bubble exists. The only way to ensure that they avoid a burst is mass adoption.

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Uses of Cryptocurrency


1. Low-cost money transfers
2. Earn interest on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with 'Yield Farming'
3. A censorship-resistant alternative store of wealth
4. Invest in innovative early-stage startups
5. Make private transactions
6. Send non-cash remittances
7. Get paid to post content
8. Rent out your spare hard drive space to the cloud
9. Travel the world & beyond
10. Buy a lambo (or a Tesla)

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